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As a former banker, professional loan buyer, and financial analyst at Ocwen Financial, and former consultant to Countrywide, Wells Fargo, and Lehman Brothers among others, Ben is a highly sought-after speaker. The experience and observations gathered in banking, and now as a foreclosure defense attorney give Ben an insider’s view of the financial and banking crisis, associated real estate bubble and the lender’s role in creating the bubble.

Presentations can be tailored to fit 30-60-90-minutes plus a question and answer period. Typically audiences include Realtors, struggling homeowners, financial advisors and fellow attorneys.

Ben has been the featured speaker at the Pinellas Realtor Organization (“PRO”), the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (“GTAR”), the Mid-Pinellas Chamber of Commerce, The Board Tampa Bay, and a number of other organizations.

Most Requested Topics & Presentations

How the Financial & Banking Crisis Impacts Florida Real Estate

A lot has happened in the financial markets over the past couple of years: the burst of the real estate bubble, the $830 Billion bailout, the hidden bailout, FDIC loss sharing agreements, loss reserves, market to market, mortgage insurance, strategic default, shadow inventory, and the supply and demand real estate cycle. Understanding the lending / banking side provides a huge advantage in explaining complex situations in a simple, understandable format.

Initial & Secondary Causes of the Real Estate & Banking Crisis

Ben has an insider’s perspective on the primary and secondary factors that lead to the real estate market bubble. As an acquisitions manager at Ocwen Financial Corporation, and later as a consultant to Lehman Brothers, Countrywide, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and others, Ben explains how the lenders deviated from historically sound lending standards and adopted risky lending standards: stated income, negative amortization, “no doc”, and 100% financing. These factors in turn lead to the real estate bubble which in turn lead to the loss reserve and mark to market issues that brought down Countrywide and Lehman Brothers.

How Does A Bank Look At A Foreclosure?

Ben helps homeowners and realtors overcome frustration and confusion about bank policies and motivations surrounding foreclosure, short sales, and loan modifications. Most lender/bank decision-making is driven by the bank’s balance sheet and third party contracts. Ben’s insider’s perspective helps people understand the lender’s motivation and lender’s actions that otherwise may seem illogical.

Samples of Past Speaking Engagements:

    • “The Financial and Banking Crisis”
    • “How Banks Make Decisions Concerning Upside-Down Loans”

    • “The Statistical Correlation between Average Incomes and Average Home Prices”

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